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Physical and Mailing Address: 

935 N. Main Street
Independence, OR 97351

Phone (503) 837-1212

Fax (503) 837-1213




  • Training Specialist provides training and technical assistance to water systems throughout the state. Areas of assistance include regulatory compliance, rates and rate structures, system policies and procedures.

  • Circuit Riders provide technical assistance to water systems. Assistance is available in the areas of cross connection, distribution systems, disinfection, water treatment facilities, operator certification and much more.

  • Wastewater Technician provides assistance to wastewater systems throughout the state on such issues as activated sludge treatment, confined space entry, inflow and filtration, pump maintenance and collection systems.

  • Groundwater/Source Water Technician deals specifically with drinking water protection. Works with water systems to develop drinking water protection plans to meet all state and federal requirements including management, contingency and new well elements.

  • Solid Waste Technician/Circuit Rider provides one-on-one community transfer station site and community assistance with short and long term recycling needs and safety compliance.

These programs offer on-site technical assistance to any water or wastewater system in the state of Oregon. OAWU staff hope you will utilize these programs and allow us to serve your system's needs.



ŠOregon Association of Water Utilities     935 N. Main Street  Independence, OR 97351     P: 503-837-1212     F: 503-837-1213     office@oawu.net